Agroten S.A deals specifically with cereal cultivation, this is mainly due to the geographic area whrere this company is located. The region has optimal climate and soil conditions allowing so that its production has high yield and excellent quality.In our members' farms, oats is the main cultivated grain followed by wheat -among others. These grains are sold within national market and international one as well. To a lesser extent, Lupino, barley and tritricale are produced for national consumption. Within export products, oats is the main one. It is sold in international markets such as Peru , Colombia , Venezuela , Ecuador and Panama , among others, and it is expected that negotations with other American countries are carried out.

At the moment, this gruop is exporting near 2000 tons per year of oats as well as alfalfa in pellets for animal feeding. The variety of exported oats is the “Urano type”, which has the best physical and chemical conditions to be processed in industry.


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