This company is the result of a group of friends that formed a GTT (group of technological trasference) to gather the productive and technological efforts in order to improve agricultural production. In decenber 1998, a company is created giving birth in 1999 to a succesfull production project (PFOFO a promotion project supported by CORFO). Commercialization and cereal export are its main goals. This company counts on a directory that is made up by members who manage the 100% of the bussiness capital.


President Marcelo Ortega Ramos
Directors José Vester Ortega
  Alejandro Meier Pucheu
  Gregorio De La Maza Larraín
  Jorge Rickemberg Rubilar
Patners Grupo
Claudia Rojas S.
Monica Avello B.
AGROTEN S.A. 21 de Mayo 1440 Victoria IX Región CHILE 56 - 45 - 2844449